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Lucid Dreaming Charm Bag

A potent charm bag to induce lucid dreams.

You Will Need:

- a small cloth bag, or piece of fabric

- lavender

- catnip


How to Craft The Charm Bag

Prepare this charm bag on the full moon, and charge it under the full moon light before using.

Burn some sage, and cleanse the area you are crafting in with its smoke.

When adding the magickal items to the charm bag, focus on your intent. Add each item with purpose and meaning.

You can add a strand of your hair to the charm bag or a piece of paper with a symbol for dreams, or even a picture of the moon.

You can either place the charm bag under your pillow, or hold it in your hand while you sleep. Holding it in your hand will act as a trigger in the dream world, which will make lucid dreaming more possible.

Drink a tea made from mugwort, catnip, and lavender before going to sleep. Or try this powerful Lucid Dreams tea blend. Add some moon water to your tea if you have some.

Try to avoid going on your phone or watching television at least 30 minutes before you go to sleep. 

Lie on your back and recite to yourself (either out loud or in your head) that you will lucid dream tonight. 

When you awake, be sure to write down any aspects of your dreams that you remember. This will strengthen your dream recall. It takes practice to be able to lucid dream, so creating a ritual will make this even more possible.


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