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Lughnasadh Tea

An herbal tea blend for the beginning of the harvest season.

Calendula - associated with the sun, helps restore personal energy

Mint - purifying and uplifting Chamomileattracts prosperity, also connected with the sun Oat straw - has rejuvenating and purifying properties Rose petalshealing and protective  Mugwortconnected with divine energy

All of the ingredients are late summer flowering and could be harvested during Lughnasadh.

Since they're all connected with Lughnasadh the energy they hold will be more potent during this time.

Combine the herbs in a mortar and pestle while empowering your tea blend with your intention.

Spellwork that holds more power during this time are ones focused on gratitude, self improvement, courage, prosperity and abundance. 

Charge this herbal tea blend in the Lughnasadh sun with carnelian, citrine, or a clear quartz crystal.


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