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A sunny little flower of joy and prosperity!


Projective energy



Happiness, joy, prosperity, good fortune, money, calming, dreams, love, purification.

The Magick of Chamomile

Chamomile is a flower ruled by the Sun, making it perfect for magick relating to happiness and joy.

A very simple candle spell to bring happiness and joy to your life would be to dress a yellow or white candle with dried chamomile. Etch your initials and a symbol for the Sun into the candle. Place some chamomile and a citrine and clear quartz crystal around the candle. Recite an incantation, such as “joy, happiness, bliss” or “I am joyful, I am happy, I am blissful”. Light your candle and let it burn down. As the candle is burning visualise yourself happy, smiling, laughing. Think about and focus on what makes you truly happy. Once your candle has burned down collect your crystals and carry them with you.

Chamomile attracts money so it’s my go to herb when doing spells or rituals for prosperity or money. I like to drink chamomile tea when doing money magick, even using it as a herbal rinse for your hands or bathing in it. Carry some around with you to bring money to you.

Chamomile has many health benefits. It’s commonly used to treat inflammation, hay fever, insomnia, eczema, lower blood pressure, and ease anxiety.

Drinking chamomile tea will help cleanse and heal your throat chakra.

I always add chamomile to my daily herbal tea blends. It helps to calm me and brings positive energy. Before I go to sleep I always drink a blend of chamomile, lavender, and either mugwort for lucid dreams, or mint for a restful sleep.

Try burning dried chamomile as an incense to aid meditation, or before going to bed for a pleasant sleep. Or anoint yourself with some chamomile essential oil diluted in a carrier oil.

Sleep with some chamomile under your pillow. Add chamomile to a dream pillow along with other herbs like lavender, mugwort, rose, and jasmine.

Since chamomile is associated with the Sun, it makes it perfect to use during the summer to connect you to the Sun. Try making an iced chamomile tea. Charge your chamomile in the light of the sun beforehand, infuse it further with citrine or clear quartz. Add some lemon juice and mint to your iced chamomile tea.

Sprinkle some chamomile tea outside your home to banish any negative energies. Do this on Sunday for its connection with the Sun.

For purification add chamomile, hyssop, rosemary, and pink Himalayan salt to your bath.

For a peaceful sleep add chamomile and lavender to your bath.

Infuse chamomile in a carrier oil such as grapeseed or jojoba oil. Allow this to infuse in the sunlight for a few hours. Massage this onto your solar plexus chakra.

Make an anti-anxiety mist by adding moon water, witch hazel and essential oils of chamomile, bergamot, orange, and cedarwood.

For a calming anti-anxiety tea combine chamomile, St. John’s wort, and lemon balm.

Grow chamomile in your garden to protect your home and spread positivity within.

Place bouquets of chamomile in your home for joyous and happy blessings.

Chamomile also attracts love. Carry some chamomile around with you or bathe in it if you’re looking to attract love to you.

I like to use chamomile flowers as an offering when I’m foraging in nature.

Try tossing some chamomile flowers towards the sun outside and asking for blessings of happiness and prosperity.


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