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Money Spell

 A simple money spell to invite prosperity, wealth, and a flow of abundance into your life.

You will need:

- a green candle

- cinnamon stick

- bay leaf

- cloves

- orange essential oil

- citrine crystal


Perform this spell either on a Thursday or on a full moon, preferably when the moon is in the sign of Taurus.

Prepare some chamomile tea in a bowl and allow to cool. Chamomile attracts money to you. Drink some of the tea and also use it to rinse your hands.

Burn the cinnamon stick and use its smoke to cleanse the area that you are performing this spell. Cinnamon is associated with the fire element and money. 

Take the green candle, preferably use a chime candle, tealight, or small pillar candle. Etch your name onto the candle, or your initials, and a symbol for money. Dress your candle with orange essential oil. When applying the oil start at the top of the candle and use downward strokes, since you are drawing the money to you.

Place 7 cloves around your candle. Cloves are linked to money and prosperity and the number seven is associated with money and success.

Take the bay leaf and write three dollar signs, or which ever symbol for currency you use. Bay leaves grant wishes and the number three is associated with manifestation. If possible use a natural ink or even a pencil.

Light your candle, then carefully burn the bay leaf. Concentrate on what you want to achieve from this spell. Use an incantation at this point if you wish. It can even be something as simple as "I am prosperous, wealthy, and rich". Visualise on your intent manifesting as if it were already a reality.

After you've burned the bay leaf, hold the citrine stone. Citrine is a stone for prosperity and used for manifesting abundance. Concentrate on the crystals energy while you are holding it. 

Continue to focus on your desire until the candle burns out. If you're using a larger candle, try to burn this at the same time every day until the candle burns out. Remember to keep focusing on your intent when you light it again. Use a candle snuffer in between burning and keep the citrine next to the candle. 

***Please note that any magickal ingredient used in this spell can be substituted for whatever feels right for you. It is important that you are connected to the spell you are casting. Think about what represents prosperity to you. Use your knowledge, intuition and judgement to personalise this spell and make it your own.

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