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Success Spell Bottle

A spell bottle for success.

You Will Need:




Bay leaf

Citrine crystal

Gold glitter

Written intention

Green candle


How to Craft This Spell Bottle


Make this on a Sunday afternoon, or when the sun is at its highest point in the sky.


I chose seven herbs for this spell bottle since the number seven is connected to success and luck.


Cleanse the bottle first with some sage smoke or full moon water. You may also want to cleanse the citrine crystal too.


Ground and centre yourself before you start. Call the quarters, cast a circle, or do whatever you would normally do to prepare for spellwork.


Add all of the items listed above to your spell bottle (except for the green candle of course). When adding the items do so with intent. Focus on success and what that means to you. Visualise yourself successful, able to achieve your goals with ease.


For the written intentions, on a small piece of paper write the word "success" with a gold pen/marker. Anoint the centre of the paper with a manifestation oil or orange essential oil and fold it towards you three times.


Take the green candle in your hands and continue to focus on your desired outcome for this spell. Charge the candle with your energy and intent. Carve into the candle your name or initials (if this spell is for you) and the word “success” written three times.


Anoint the candle with an anointing oil or some orange essential oil and light it. Seal the lid of the bottle with wax and then set the candle next to the spell bottle to finish burning down.


Sprinkle some leftover glitter on top the bottle.


To charge your spell bottle set it on top of the world tarot card. This card represents success, victory and achievement. Charge it in a sunny spot and surround it with citrine and clear quartz.


Ideas on How to Use This Spell Bottle:

  • Keep it on your altar to bring success in your spiritual endeavours.

  • Carry it with you or keep it close by when you're in a situation which requires a successful outcome, such as taking a test.

  • Set the spell bottle on top of some money if your intent is for monetary success.

  • Place it on an altar that you have dedicated to abundance or prosperity.

  • If you have a vision board keep the spell bottle near it to help you reach your goals.


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