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Anointing Oil

A ritual anointing oil.




Olive oil


How to Craft This Anointing Oil

Combine equal parts of rosemary, frankincense, and myrrh essential oils in olive oil.

Be sure to cleanse the clear quartz and set your intention for the crystal before adding it to the anointing oil.

Keep the anointing oil in a small glass jar or bottle. The oil will keep longer if stored in a dark glass vessel and kept out of direct sunlight.

Charge the oil under the light of a full moon. Surround it with a crystal grid of citrine, black obsidian, and amethyst.

Use this oil for anointing purposes. Use it to anoint yourself, others, objects, or your altar. Anointing oils can be used for consecrating, bringing protection, or healing.

This is the oil blend I use when doing most rituals, I find it brings spiritual protection and invites positive, loving energies. I will anoint my third eye chakra and the soles of my feet.

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