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Black Obsidian

A powerful stone for divination and protection.


Projective energy


Earth and fire

Scorpio, Sagittarius

Root chakra

Protection, banishing, divination, psychic abilities, grounding, purification, clarity, manifestation, strength, emotional healing.


The Magick of Black Obsidian

Work with black obsidian for protection from negative and unwanted energies.

Obsidian is a powerful stone for psychic protection.

Obsidian absorbs negative energy from your aura. Since it absorbs negativity be sure to cleanse it often.

An effective way to cleanse obsidian is to rinse it in salt water or place it in a bed of black salt.

Simply wear an obsidian pendant to protect you from negativity.

Keep obsidian by your front door to keep unwanted visitors away.

Obsidian can be used to stimulate and enhance your psychic abilities. It can make you more receptive to receiving prophetic messages.

Use an obsidian mirror or ball to scry. Or just scry the surface of an obsidian stone.

It is believed that you can communicate with spirits using an obsidian mirror.

Use an obsidian crystal sphere for divination during the New Moon, also called the Dark Moon. Or when the Moon is in Scorpio. Burn some pine resin while using your obsidian to heighten your psychic abilities.

Obsidian is an effective stone to use when doing shadow work as it can reveal to us any negative or toxic habits and traits and help us to overcome them.

Use an obsidian arrowhead when doing spells for protection or banishing. Also effective in banishing fears and anxieties.

Create a wand for protection magick by attaching an obsidian arrowhead to the tip of a rowan wood stick. Secure the obsidian to the stick using red thread. Carve symbols or sigils for protection into the wood.

For a simple grounding/earthing ritual, hold obsidian in your hands close to your root chakra while sitting outside on the grass. Meditate and breathe deeply. This is very effective in relieving stress.

Use obsidian in gem elixirs or add them to your bath water to reap its benefits.

Crystal combinations:

Obsidian and amethyst - psychic abilities

Obsidian and tigers eye - grounding, strength

Obsidian and smoky quartz - anxiety relief, protection from negativity

Obsidian and clear quartz - cleansing, clarity


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