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Love Spell Bottle

A spell bottle for love.

You Will Need


Written intention

Pink candle

Spell bottle


How to Craft this Spell Bottle

This is a spell bottle for manifesting loving energy in your life.

Craft this love spell bottle on a Friday when the moon is waxing.

Burn some sage or rosemary to cleanse the space you will be crafting this spell bottle in and all of the items that you will be adding to it.

Light some jasmine or vanilla incense.

Ground and centre yourself before you begin.

Cast a circle and call the quarters, or do what ever you would normally do to prepare for spellwork. Be sure to invite loving energies into your magickal space.

Charge and bless the items you add to your spell bottle by holding them in your hands and asking that they help bring loving energy to you.

On a small piece of paper draw a sigil or symbols for love. I drew a heart on one side and the eternity symbol on the other. Anoint the four corners and centre of the paper with this ENCHANTED LOVE OIL or rose essential oil and fold the paper towards you three times.

I added clear quartz chips to the bottle to amplify the overall intention of this spell.

Once everything has been added your spell bottle, anoint a pink candle with this ENCHANTED LOVE OIL or rose essential oil and charge it in your hands. Light the candle and then drip the wax onto the lid of your spell bottle to seal it.

Be sure to stay focused on your intent for this spell. Visualise your heart chakra opening, emitting and receiving a frequency of love.

Keep your love spell bottle with a cleansed and charged rose quartz crystal.

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