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Sweet Dreams Spray

An aromatherapy spray for sweet dreams and a restful sleep.




Amethyst crystal

Full Moon water


How to Make This Sweet Dreams Aromatherapy Spray

Create this Sweet Dreams Aromatherapy Spray on a Monday. Monday is ruled by the Moon, any spells or magick done relating to dreams will have a greater affect when done on this day.

I used essential oils for this aromatherapy spray. The amounts of essential oils you use are entirely up to you. I added slightly more lavender because I love the scent of lavender and find it the most relaxing.

Be sure to cleanse and charge the amethyst crystal you will be adding.

You could leave this aromatherapy spray under the light of the full moon to imbue it with the moons energy.

Use this aromatherapy spray before sleep to encourage sweet dreams and sleep peacefully.

Spritz your bedroom with it before going to sleep or spray it directly on your pillow.

Try drinking some of this Lucid Dreams Tea and spray this aromatherapy spray around your bedroom before going to sleep to encourage lucid dreaming.

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