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Unicorn Stone

A beautiful, uplifting stone of pure positivity.

Magickal Correspondences:

Receptive energy


Venus & Jupiter

Libra, Pisces & Gemini

Crown and heart chakra

Calming, soothing, uplifting, positivity, joy, empathy, unconditional love, peace, inspiration


Discover the Magick of the Unicorn Stone


The unicorn stone is composed of lepidolite, pink tourmaline, clevelandite, and smoky quartz. It holds all of the energies of those crystals and combines them in a way that they work in harmony together.


Unicorn stone can be used to release anxiety and stress. It is wonderful to use as a palm stone as it instils calmness and encourages peace. It can centre you in the present moment and let go of any worries or negative thoughts you may have.


This healing stone can be used to encourage empathy, self-love and unconditional love. Try wearing a pendant of unicorn stone on your heart chakra.

Used for creative inspiration, unicorn stone can connect you to realms of fantasy. It will also help you with self-expression. Keep it close by when you need a creative boost.


Unicorn stone is pure joy in crystal form. I love simply carrying it with me day-to-day as I feel it really amplifies feelings of happiness and positivity.


Working with this stone encourages me to believe in myself. It holds a powerful yet gentle uplifting energy. The beauty that this stone holds is unparalleled.


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