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Home Protection Ball

Craft this Home Protection Ball to bring protection, safety, and security to your home.

You Will Need:

Rose thorns

Black tourmaline

Clear glass/plastic ornament ball

Black wax


How to Craft This Home Protection Ball

Craft this Home Protection Ball on a Saturday during the waning crescent moon, or when the moon is in Aries.

Burn some sage to cleanse the area you will be crafting in, yourself, the black tourmaline and the ball.

Start by grounding and centering yourself. Cast a circle and call the quarters, or do what ever you would normally do to prepare for spellwork.

Add a small piece of blackberry bramble vine, black tourmaline, black salt, dried rosemary, rose thorns, and a small ivy tendril. Be sure to cleanse the black tourmaline beforehand.

Hold each item in your hand before adding it to the ball to infuse it with your intent. Ask that it protect your home from all forms of negativity.

On a small piece of paper draw a sigil or symbols for protection such as a pentagram. Fold it three times, anoint it with protection oil and place it in the ball.

Once everything has been added to the ball, seal it with black wax.

Anoint the protection ball with some protection oil.

Hang it by your front door, in a window, your altar, or by the hearth of your home.

Give it a cleanse with sage smoke every new moon, or whenever you feel it needs a cleanse.

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