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Manifestation Oil

A manifestation oil blend to boost rituals or spellwork for manifesting all types of magick.

You will need:

- chamomile

- rose petals

- cinnamon

- star anise

- bay leaf

- patchouli essential oil

- grapeseed oil

- a glass bottle with a lid


I like to start by cleansing the area and the magickal ingredients by burning sage.

Chamomile is used in prosperity and abundance spells. Rose petals and star anise both enhance manifestation work. Cinnamon is used for prosperity and is associated with the fire element, which amplifies manifestation magick. Bay leaf is used in wishing spells, and sends your intention out to the universe. Finally, patchouli can be used to turn your desires into reality.

While making this oil it is important to focus on your intent and really put your energy into what you are creating.

Once all the ingredients have been added I shake the bottle 13 times, as the number 13 is connected to manifestation.

I charged this bottle using a 396 hertz tuning fork, and placed the bottle in a crystal grid of clear quartz and citrine.

You could also charge this oil under the full moon.

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