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Rainbow Fluorite

A magickal crystal of clarity and creative insight.

Magickal Correspondences:

Receptive energy


Mercury & Neptune

Libra & Pisces

Third Eye Chakra

Intuition, clarity, focus, inner peace, calming, creativity, healing, balance, positivity


The Magick of Rainbow Fluorite

Rainbow fluorite is a crystal of pure magick and has the ability to increase your spiritual awareness.

Rainbow fluorite is particularly helpful when you are in need of creative inspiration.

Rainbow fluorite will cleanse your aura and align and clear all chakras. It transmutes negative energy into positive energy. This makes it a wonderful crystal to use for energetic protection.

It balances the mind, body and spirit, bringing clarity and inner peace making it a powerful crystal to use for meditation.

Keep rainbow fluorite with you when practicing divination such as tarot. It will help keep the energy around you positive and bring clarity and focus while reading the cards.

When worked with consistently rainbow fluorite helps support emotional well-being and good mental health.

When worn or carried with you rainbow fluorite instills a quiet confidence.

Rainbow fluorite can be used to tune into faerie energy of positivity and playfulness.

Cleanse rainbow fluorite with sage or rosemary smoke or leave it in the sunlight for an hour or so. Rainbow fluorite can fade when exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. It can be charged in the light of a full moon.

Rainbow fluorite is generally thought to be unsafe when placed in water that you intend to drink, instead try placing rainbow fluorite around a glass of water to imbue the water with its energy.

Crystal Combinations:

Rainbow fluorite, clear quartz and amethyst - for healing mind, body, and spirit

Rainbow fluorite and amethyst - for spiritual growth

Rainbow fluorite and smoky quartz - energetic protection and balance

Rainbow fluorite, green aventurine and citrine - for happiness, abundance and positivity

Rainbow fluorite and sodalite - for clarity and peace of mind

Rainbow fluorite, clear quartz and labradorite - for creative inspiration

Rainbow fluorite, lepidolite and unicorn stone - uplifting, loving, peaceful energy


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